Meet some of our team

Current headcount at ATASS Sports is around 65, split between researchers, IT and data managers.

Sports Operations Team

The Sports Operations Team are skilled in their trade in creating the best possible data for all of our sports. This is the starting point for all of our models and feeds directly to the researchers. The Sports Operations Team also occasionally take on analytical work, using their numerical skills within a statistical project to enhance our main models in specific areas.


Researchers are the mathematicians who build our predictive models. We balance the team with a 50-50 graduate-postgraduate split which means we have extensive experience in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, and Operational Research. Above all, researchers have one thing in common: a passion for problem solving and sports.


The IT department manages an innovative and robust infrastructure enabling researchers and Sports Operations to do their job to the best of their ability. Technology is so important here and we specialise in creating bespoke packages to support live models, as well as developing and growing computing capabilities that we're very proud of. We work hard to ensure no-one's research is limited by our supporting framework.